Understanding that the oil and gas industry is in search of a one stop shop that innovates to meet all of its onshore demands, providing integrated, safe, efficient and fully reliable services, GranIHC Services and Prumo Logística joined forces to resolve this issue, creating Dome.

     Stationed at the Dome Terminal in the Port of Açu, we provide a wide array of complete services by leveraging strategic partnerships, focusing on naval repair, construction and assembly, subsea industry support and decomissioning and waste treatment. Moreover, we provide these services with unique flexibility, having full access to operate in all of the port's infrastructure, such as T-MULT, South Mole and Ferroport.

     Our differential resides in Dome's Model: the belief that innovation is key to changing Brazil's onshore paradigm and true commitment comes from risk sharing: we want to be rewarded for joint success and avoid being penalized from your delay.


     Increase our client's competitiveness and create value by way of innovative and integrated solutions, combining efficiency, operational security, predictability and trustworthiness.


     Be the most competitive brazilian integrated services cluster in its dedicated markets by 2021, making Açu Port the industry's preferred destination

 Strategic Pillars

  • Capacity for creating partnerships

  • Operational excellence

  • Client oriented culture

  • Reputation

  • Innovation

  • Value creation for shareholders


    Dome assures its excellency through an Integrated Management System (IMS), which is based on criteria defined by quality management certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Click the buttons below to know more about our policy and objectives:

     GranIHC Services is a result of the alliance between the Brazilian entrepreneurial spirit of Gran and the tradition and global presence of the Dutch Royal IHC.

    The new organisation combines the strong operational platform of GranEnergia in Brazil with IHC’s know-how in designing, building and servicing equipment and vessels for the offshore, dredging and mining markets.

Prumo is a multi-business company created in 2007 to optimize the development of Brazil’s energy and infrastructure sectors.

Controlled by U.S.-based energy and infrastructure fund EIG Global Energy Partners since 2013, Prumo develops one of the world’s safest and most efficient port-industry complexes, the Port of Açu.

Dome Serviços Integrados

Porto do Açu - Distrito Industrial de São João da Barra, RJ